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Last Updated: 14th April

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Alternative Death Counts

  • Confirmed Deaths: 7,636
  • NRS Death Certificate Deaths: 10,031
  • Excess Deaths: 7,946

This is the number of people who have died within 28 days of testing positive for the virus. We can think of this as the absolute minimum number of people who have died from the virus. This figure comes from ScotGov. 

This is the number of people who have died with COVID-19 being mentioned on their death certificate as a confirmed or suspected cause of death, even if no test was conducted. This figure comes from NRS.

This is how many more deaths we've seen since March 16th 2020, (the week of the first coronavirus death in Scotland), from all causes, than we would have expected to see in a normal year during the same period.

Fatality Rate


This is the percentage of people who have died after testing positive for the virus. (The confirmed deaths / the number of cases)

The real fatality rate will likely be much lower, as not everyone who catches the virus gets tested.

Total Location of Deaths

Location of Deaths by Week

Deaths by Age and Sex

New This Week

Total Deaths by Sex

Alternative Death Counts by Council Area

New This Week

Deaths by Intermediate Zone

Deaths by Intermediate Zone Map (Per 100k Pop)

Excess Deaths by Week

Deaths from All Causes in Scotland by Week Number

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About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NHS Scotland has some great information here about the virus, and how you can look after your own physical and mental health during these difficult times.

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Me! I’m John, a 25-year-old student and Cat lover at the University of the Highlands and Islands. I started tracking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) data in a spreadsheet out of interest, which eventually led to me making this web page. 

Rather than buying a new domain to host it, I just added it to my ‘Travelling Tabby’ website. This is a travel blog, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Coronavirus. Still, feel free to look around!

If you’re interested in visiting Scotland, maybe check out my Scotland page! If you are Scottish, then you could visit one of the other destination pages to get some ideas of where to go once this all blows over. 🙂 

If you need to contact me, you can visit my contact page here, use the contact form on this page, or email me at [email protected]. I will try to respond when I can, although I’m quite busy right now and get a lot of emails, so replies may take a week or two!

Loads! I’ve got a page here to track UK specific and worldwide data.

Here are some other ones I have bookmarked:

Coronainfo – Additional UK Data

Worldometers – Worldwide Data

Who – Worldwide Data

NYT – USA Data

Yeah! I routinely post different types of charts and comparisons on Twitter!

Also, Here is a link to the spreadsheet I useFeel free to download a copy! It’s not very well laid out, and I’m normally messing around with something in it.. so if you see any random numbers just ignore them!

There’s not much ‘new’ data on there, it is just the current stuff on this page and a lot of historical data. But I’m sure some people will have a use for it 🙂

ScotGov also provide more information than I mention on my website. You can view the rest of that here

NRS provide a monthly report on all Coronavirus deaths, and include more than I mention on my website. You can view that here.

HPS also provide a weekly report, which shows more information about who is being infected, who is being hospitalized, etc! You can view that here

HPS has also recently created a dashboard here, with lots of additional information. The data on their page is mostly based on specimen date (the date the test was conducted), whereas the data on my page is mostly using the reported date (the date the result of the test was conducted). That is why the numbers may not exactly match up!

Sorry! A lot of people have this issue, and I have no idea what is causing it. My only suggestion would be to try viewing the page on another browser, as it just seems to be Firefox on Mac that doesn’t work. If you can, try to refresh your cache and see if it works better after that!

It’s a WordPress site, built with Elementor. That covers most of the page, but all the graphs/charts/tables are embeds from a range of different places! 

These are Datawrapper, Flourish, and Everviz. The Datawrapper and Flourish charts will mention their name in the footer, and if there’s no mention, it is an Everviz chart. Oh, and the non Datawrapper maps are made with the MapSVG plugin!

I’d be happy to answer any other questions about it, but it is quite simple. A lot of manual data entry! 

Additional Information / Clarifications

Basically, produces the numbers of ‘confirmed’ deaths from Coronavirus each day. These are deaths where the deceased had tested positive for Coronavirus within the past 28 days. These numbers are used for the total number of deaths, fatality rate, country comparisons, etc. 

However, NRS put out a report, once a month, which includes all deaths where Coronavirus was confirmed or suspected/presumed to be the cause of death. (all deaths where covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate) 

These numbers are therefore higher than the ones. This report also breaks the data down in more detail, telling us stuff like the intermediate zone, pre-existing conditions, occupation, and so forth.

The NRS figures are probably more an accurate than the confirmed only deaths, but they are only released once a month.

To help simplify things, I only use the NRS numbers on this page, and I use the ‘confirmed’ deaths in the local/national pages. I’ll also try to add in a note when I use the NRS figures on this page!

Sorry if this causes any confusion, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about it.

This is the percentage of people who have died after testing positive for the virus. It ultimately just depends on how many tests we are doing. More tests = more confirmed cases = lower fatality rate. 

The real fatality rate for the virus is supposedly under 1.5%, so don’t get too freaked out by seeing numbers over 10%! It’s just caused by a lack of testing. 

Also, in the early days of the virus when most of the deaths were occurring, testing was reserved for those who are very ill with the virus already. So these people would be more likely to pass away from it than the average person who caught the virus, thus driving up the fatality rate figure even more.


The data on this page is mostly obtained from official sources, and it is accurate to the best of my knowledge. However, I am only human! I sometimes make miscalculations, or typos. Don’t always take the information on this page as fact and base decisions off it. 

All the sources are listed above, as is the spreadsheet I make all my calculations in, so feel free to double check the data and let me know if you think something isn’t correct!

This website is not associated with the Scottish government, UK government, NHS, or any other organization. It is just run by an individual.