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In Hospital



In ICU/Ventilation



UK New Cases and Deaths by Day Reported

Breakdown by Nation

Daily Increase by Region


UK Vaccinations

Daily Increases

Vaccinated with First Dose



That is 69.5% of the UK,

and 88.2% of all UK Adults

Vaccinated with Second Dose



That is 55.8% of the UK,

and 70.8% of all UK Adults

Percentage of Population Vaccinated

Total Population
Adult Population

Percentage of Total Population Vaccinated by Day and Nation

First Dose
Second Dose

7 Day Average of Vaccine Doses Administered by Day and Nation, Per 100k Pop

Status of UK Population Vaccinated

Current ‘R’ Numbers

Currently in Hospital by Day and Nation

In Hospital
In ICU/Ventilation

7 Day Case and Death Rates by Nation


Increases by Nation over the Past Week

Per 100k Population

New English Cases by Age Group

7 Day Case Rate in each English Age Group, Per 100k Population

Country Comparison Tables


7 Day Case and Death Rates by Country


New Cases This Week, and Percentage Change from Previous Week by Country

Weekly Increases by Country

Vaccinations Administered by Country

Total Map
7 Day Rates

Vaccination Coverage by Country

Vaccinated Status of Countries and Continents

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About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NHS Scotland has some great information here about the virus, and how you can look after your own physical and mental health during these difficult times.

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Me! I’m John, a 26-year-old student and Cat lover at the University of the Highlands and Islands. I started tracking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) data in a spreadsheet out of interest, which eventually led to me making this page.¬†

Rather than buying a new domain to host it, I just added it to my ‘Travelling Tabby’ website. This is a travel blog, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Coronavirus. But still, feel free to look around if you want! (although there isn’t much on the blog, as most of my free time since the start of 2020 has been spent on this page)

If you need to contact me, you can¬†use the contact form on this page, or email me at [email protected]. I will respond when I can, but I’m quite busy right now and get a lot of emails, so replies may take a while!

Loads! Here are some of them:

Scotland Coronavirus Tracker – Another page by me, keeping track of more Scotland specific data

Worldometers – Worldwide Data in an easy table format

WHO – Worldwide Data with an attractive design

Our World in Data – A large website with heaps of data on the pandemic across the world

NYT – USA Data

Public Health Scotland РThe official Scottish dashboard, with some additional figures on there 

Scot Gov Impact Dashboard – An interesting dashboard looking at the effects of the pandemic throughout Scotland (indirect health impacts, economic impacts, societal impacts, etc)

Public Health Wales РThe official Welsh dashboard, with some additional figures on there 

CoronavirusCymru РAn easy to read website covering all of the Welsh figures 

Portal Covid-19 Cymru – Another Welsh dashboard, providing some additional figures (including very local area figures)

Department of Health – The official Northern Ireland dashboard, with some additional figures on there (a separate page for Northern Irelands vaccine figures is here)

UK Government – The official UK dashboard, with some additional figures on there (their interactive map here is especially nice, and it allows you to see very local English figures) – Worldwide vaccine tracker in real-time

Covid-19 Risk – A neat website that lets you calculate the level of risk involved in attending an event in your area, based on recent case rates

Yeah! I routinely post different types of charts and comparisons on Twitter!

Also, here is a link to the spreadsheet I use. Feel free to download a copy. It is a bit of a mess, but it could be useful if you were looking for some raw data. 

Here is a list of all the official pages involving Coronavirus figures for the UK (that I know of). If you know of anymore which you think should be included, please let me know!


UK / England

UK Gov – A page looking at the UK covid wide data. It includes a ton of information on cases, deaths, testing hospitalizations, and vaccinations

UK Gov Weekly R Number РA page that provides the most recent R number and growth rate for England and the English regions 

ONS Weekly Infection Survey РA weekly report that looks at covid rates throughout the UK, and estimates the total number of people who currently have the virus. 

ONS Weekly Death Reports – Another weekly report looking at all deaths throughout the UK, with covid-specific deaths by the alternative death count included. Additional detailed figures are included for England and Wales, covering deaths by location, excess deaths, and more. (for the Scotland/N. Ireland version of this, look for the NRS and NISRA reports)

NHS England РDetailed figures for English hospital activity, deaths, and vaccinations. 



ScotGov РDaily headline figures on cases, deaths, testing, hospital occupancy, and vaccinations 

PHS Dashboard РDaily figures going into the above in more detail, including local figures, demographics, and detailed vaccination figures 

NRS Weekly Death Report – A weekly report looking at deaths by an alternative death count. Also includes extra information, like excess deaths, location of death, more detailed ages of death. Once a month a very detailed report comes out, looking at factors such as deprivation, pre existing conditions, and so forth.

PHS Weekly Report – A weekly report looking at a whole range of things, including lateral flow tests, cases in children, contact tracing, quarantining stats, lateral flow tests, community testing, and cases by profession.

PHS Weekly Dashboard РA dashboard that is updated once a week, consisting of data included in the PHS weekly report above. 

PHS Wider Impacts Dashboard – A dashboard looking at a range of general health factors and how the pandemic has impacted them (primarily through comparisons to previous years). Such as total hospital appointments, A&E attendances, cancer diagnoses, and much more.

PHS Education Dashboard РA weekly dashboard looking at cases, testing, and hospital admissions in children and those working in the education sector. 

ScotGov Impact Dashboard РA weekly dashboard looking at covids impact throughout society. Includes stuff like public opinion polls, school attendance, crime rates, unemployment rate, and more. 

ScotGov Modelling the Pandemic Weekly R Number РA weekly report which provides an update of the current R number, and covers other areas relating to the current prevalence of the virus in Scotland. 



Public Health Wales – The official Welsh dashboard, including a wide range of figures surrounding the pandemic in Wales.

Welsh Government Weekly R Number –¬† A page listing weekly reports, in which an update of the most recent R number is included, plus some other figures.¬†


Northern Ireland

Department of Health – The official Northern Ireland dashboard, including a wide range of figures surrounding the pandemic in Northern Ireland.

Department of Health Weekly R Number РA page listing weekly reports, in which an update of the most recent R number is included, plus some other figures.  

HSC – A dashboard providing detailed figures of the vaccination rollout in Northern Ireland.

NISRA Weekly Death Report – Weekly death reports looking at deaths by an alternative death count, and also including extra information, such as excess deaths, location of deaths, and so forth.


One issue might be that you’re using Firefox. This browser seems to break the page for a lot of people, and I have no idea what is causing it. My only suggestion would be to try viewing the page on another browser, as it just seems to be Firefox which has issues, on a range of devices.

If things in general aren’t updating, then it might just be that the page your browser is showing you hasn’t updated to show the most recent version. This seems to be an issue for only some people, for whatever reason. But if you view the page in private/incognito mode, then the issue should go away.

It’s a WordPress site, built with Elementor. That covers most of the page, but all the graphs/charts/tables are embeds from a range of different places!¬†

These are Datawrapper, Flourish, and Everviz. The Datawrapper and Flourish charts will mention their name in the footer, and if there’s no mention, it is an Everviz chart. Oh, and the non Datawrapper maps are made with MapSVG!

I’d be happy to answer any other questions about it, but it is quite simple. I’m not really any good at programming/automation, and I’m new to all of this, so it is mostly just a lot of copying/pasting to get the website updated daily.¬†¬†

Additional Information / Clarifications

These let people see how the UK is doing in comparison to other countries around the world! Just bear in mind that making direct comparisons between countries like this has a lot of issues. Different countries, even inside the UK, will do things differently. 

The number of cases will directly relate to how aggressive the country is on testing Рa country that carries out more tests will have more cases. Some countries also record deaths differently. 

There’s really no perfect way to compare countries, but the comparisons here at least give us a basic look at how things are.

Some notes on the international data you’ll see on the page:

  • The international data lags a day behind.
  • The 7 day rates for the international data is based on reported date figures taken from Our World In Data, whereas the UK figures are based on specimen date figures taken from the UK gov. Both sets of figures should be fine to make comparisons between though, as they will still show recent trends, even if they don’t cover the exact same dates.¬†
  • Not all countries are reporting vaccination data consistently yet, so you may see some funny figures with them. Like a country having no change for weeks, then a huge jump one day. Or a country reporting vaccinations administered, but now how many were first or second doses.¬†
  • Some countries are using the J&J vaccine, which is only a single dose. For this reason, some countries first + second dose total may not match their total vaccination figure. (1 J&J vaccine would count as both a first and second dose)

The UK data comes from the UK Gov, and the data for everywhere else comes from Our World in Data. There is a ton of data in there, so apologies if any issues pop up! It is too much for me to manually check each day. But please send a message if you spot anything that looks like it is wrong.

Here are some general notes about the vaccination data on the UK Coronavirus Tracker pages.

Firstly, no vaccination data is available for any of the Welsh or Northern Ireland local authorities. Both nations do provide some regional figures, just not in the same format as the English/Scottish ones, and not on a daily basis.

Secondly, the population figures used to calculate vaccination coverage on this page are based on the ONS population estimates here. On the official UK government dashboard, the population figures used for the English regions and local authorities are from the National Immunisation Management Service Database, so the coverage figures there may be a little different than the ones on here. I am using the ONS figures for the English areas to allow for consistency and fair comparisons to be made between the English and Scottish regions.

Thirdly, the ‘adult’ population is based on those 18 and older. Vaccinations are being administered to 16 and 17 year olds in certain priority groups, and over 10% of that age group have had their first dose. These vaccinations will still be included in the total vaccination figures, so the actual percentage of the 18+ population vaccinated will be slightly lower than what the figures say.

Why don’t I just show the adult coverage as those over 16? Well, I did that before, but the official pages don’t do it that way, so I recently decided to switch to show coverage in the 18+ population instead, to keep in line with the official figures.

It should be noted that the Scottish local authority figures will not include 16/17 year old vaccinations in them. It is not clear whether the English regions do this, but I don’t think they do. This means the English figures may be a little ‘inflated’ (by 1-2%) in comparison to the Scottish ones, as they will include 16/17 year old vaccinations in them while the Scottish ones will not. However, the Scottish national figure will include 16/17 year old vaccinations in them. On my Scotland Coronavirus Tracker page, these 16/17 year old vaccinations are not included in the national adult (18+) vaccination coverage, which is why the figures on this page and that page may be a tiny bit different. Meaning the comparisons between Scotland and England (or the large English regions) as a whole will be fair and equal.

Most of that isn’t very important, but hopefully it answered any questions anyone had. But feel free to get in touch if you had any other questions!

Sorry for any confusion with this! With data coming in from so many sources, with varying definitions, and always being backdated and changed, it’s hard to keep on top of. If there are any large issues for the day, I’ll put a little heading banner at the top of the page just to make people aware of it.¬†

I’ll also list a few common ‘errors’ people spot below. But if you see something else, feel free to let me know! It could be an error I’ve not spotted, or it could just be a silly type.¬†

The local authority/regional figures will rarely ever sum up to match the national total. This is a result of missing location data, and numbers constantly being adjusted. This is especially true for deaths in England at a regional level, which normally do not even come close to matching the national figure (either by being well above or well below it). 

The 7-day increases on this page are based on specimen date, and exclude the 5 most recent days. On the Scotland page they’re also based on specimen date, but only exclude the 3 most recent days, so the 7-day figures won’t match up between the two pages. This is done to keep in line with the official figures being released from PHS and the UK Gov. The exception to this is with the vaccination data, which is based on reporting date.¬†

UK Gov Dashboard – Nearly all of the data comes from here. If it isn’t mentioned elsewhere below, then it will come from here.

Our World In Data РAny international, non-UK data, will come from here. 

Public Health Scotland – Vaccination data for Scottish local authorities.

UK Gov R Number – The current R numbers for England, and all English regions. Also, here are the separate sources for Scotland // Wales // Northern Ireland

ONS Weekly Death Report – All of the UK wide, English, and Welsh data on the additional death page. Also, here are the separate additional death sources for Scotland (NRS) and Northern Ireland (NISRA)

ONS Population Estimate – Population estimates for the UK, and also all of the extra stuff included in the detailed table on the local page (land size, population density, median age, etc).

I think that covers all of it! A lot of the figures on the page aren’t included in these sources, as I just work it out myself (stuff like the percentage change from last week). But if you need help finding anything else, just send me a message I’d be happy to help!

I aim to update this page every day, for around 6pm. Although unfortunately this isn’t always possible due to data not being released on time, or something else in my life taking priority.¬†

But it is updated by 6pm or shortly after most days! If a delay or more than 10-15 minutes is expected, I will put out a tweet to let people know. 

On public holidays, the amount of data being released can vary, so the page will only be partially updated, or potentially not updated at all. I’ll include a header banner on this page to let people know when/if that is occurring.

But in general, here are things to be aware of each day: 

Monday: No hospital data is updated

Tuesday: The additional death data page is updated, and the hospital data is updated again

Wednesday: Updated as normal

Thursday: Updated as normal

Friday: The R numbers are updated

Saturday: No Welsh data is updated

Sunday: No hospital data is updated


The data on this page is obtained from official sources, and it is accurate to the best of my knowledge. However, I am only human! I sometimes make miscalculations, or typos. Don’t always take the information on this page as fact and base decisions off it.

All the sources are listed above, as is the spreadsheet I make all my calculations in, so feel free to double check the data and let me know if you think something isn’t correct!

This website is not associated with the UK government, NHS, or any other organization. It is just run by an individual who does not value his free time.

Please stay safe and keep following the rules for just a few more months! We are going to beat this virus. :)