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Last Updated: 9th April

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April 9th At A Glance

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Today brought 393 new infections, which is an increase from yesterdays number of 335 new infections. 

In total, there are now 4,957 confirmed infections in Scotland. The total number of infections has risen by 9% from yesterday, and 25% from three days ago.

This means that 0.091% of the population have been infected, although the actual number is likely much, much higher.

Today sadly brought 81 additional deaths, bringing the total to 447. This is the largest increase in a single day so far.

The current fatality rate from confirmed infections in Scotland is 9%. However, the actual fatality rate will likely be much lower, as there will be many unconfirmed infections. 

The above deaths are deaths where the deceased was confirmed to have Coronavirus. If we also take into account deaths where it was presumed/suspected, then the total number of deaths is 581, and the fatality rate 11.7%.

Today brought 1,292 new tests, which is about 90 more than yesterday's figure of 1,204. From those 1,292, 30.4% were positive. 

The total number of tests conducted is now up to 27,518, which covers 0.51% of the population.

Glasgow & Clyde had the most new infections with 85, which brings their total to 1251. This is by far the most in the country, although this is to be expected with their population size. They also have the most people currently in ICU with 64.

The Western Isles had 1 new infection, which increased their total by 25%, up to 5 infections.

Orkney and Shetland were the only regions without a new case today.

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Me! I’m John, a 24-year-old student and Cat lover at the University of the Highlands and Islands. I started tracking the data in a spreadsheet out of interest, which eventually led to me making this web page. 

Rather than buying a new domain to host it, I just added it to my ‘Travelling Tabby’ website. This is a travel blog, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Coronavirus. Still, feel free to look around!

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That information isn’t being publicly shared, so I don’t. However, it is possible to make an estimate, as the majority of people will recover from the disease within 2 weeks. I understand that this won’t be completely accurate, so please don’t quote the active / recovery numbers as fact, but they should still give us a good idea of where we currently stand!

To find the current number of active and recovered cases, I use the following methods:

  • Active cases = any new cases confirmed in the past 2 weeks  any new deaths in the past 2 weeks
  • Recovered cases = total cases  active cases  total deaths

Basically, produce the numbers of confirmed deaths from Coronavirus each day. These are deaths where the deceased had tested positive for Coronavirus. These numbers are used for the total number of deaths, fatality rate, country comparisons, ect. 

But NRS put out a report, once a week, which includes all deaths where Coronavirus was confirmed or suspected/presumed. These numbers are therefore higher than the ones. This report also breaks the deaths down in more detail, telling us the age, sex, and region of the deceased. The numbers do not give us any additional information, just a single nationwide figure of everyone who has died after testing positive for Coronavirus.

So the charts which break deaths down by region, age, of sex, are using the NRS total number of deaths. These charts will be updated once a week on Wednesday when the new report is released. 

Sorry if this causes any confusion, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about it!

I would like to switch to using the NRS numbers completely, but this would make it impossible to track deaths on a daily basis. So for now I will stick to the confirmed deaths only, but also include the NRS breakdowns throughout the page, ensuring I highlight when the NRS numbers are used!

Here is a really good article on it, which also includes the formulas I used!

Basically, the infection numbers will be very inaccurate, as not everyone is being tested. The deaths, however, will be fairly accurate. 

We can look at how fast the deaths are doubling to get an idea of where we are. If they’re still doubling every 3 days or less, then we’re still in the runaway stage of the pandemic, which is bad! They would need to be doubling around every 30 days or more before we could think about getting back to normal.

We can also use the doubling time to predict how many deaths we will have in the future. To try and make things more accurate, I use the average doubling time for the previous three days. I’m only showing the predictions for the next day, as these tend to be relatively on point. Trying to predict further into the future doesn’t really work, as the doubling time changes too fast. 

Yeah! Here is a link to the spreadsheet I useFeel free to download a copy!

It’s not very well laid out, and I’m normally messing around with something in it.. so if you see any random numbers just ignore them!

Unfortunately not, as the Scottish government doesn’t provide this information. This is likely down to confidentiality issues. As the cases continue to rise, we might see more specific information, but for now it is just total infections by region and total nationwide deaths. 


The data on this page is obtained from official sources, and is accurate to the best of my knowledge. But don’t always take it as fact and base decisions off it, as I do sometimes make typos!

This website is not associated with the Scottish government, UK government, or the NHS. 

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