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A Travel Blog
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Me, in Coachella Valley!
Hey, I'm John!

Just a normal guy from Scotland who has an obsession with travel, and a totally rational love of cats.

In May 2017 I travelled solo for the first time, and completely fell in love with it. Since then I’ve spent over 500 days abroad, flying over 180,000 miles, and seeing more of the world than I ever thought I would.
I’ve created this blog as a way to document my travels, and also help others with theirs. I’ll give advice, share resources, tell my stories, and hopefully inspire others to see more of the world!

Scotland/UK Coronavirus Trackers

Travelling Tabby is a travel blog, and the Coronavirus Trackers are an unrelated side project I’m doing.
Feel free to look around the blog, but if you’re just looking for the Coronavirus Trackers, then click on one of the images below. 🙂

Where I've Been